Posted by: Sanette | June 25, 2010

don’t let the bed bugs bite.

asdfkjkladsfja too late.

As of Monday, I am back in Antigua with my host family. I never expected saying goodbye to my family in Nebaj would be so difficult (though leaving the bed bugs behind is another story). After all, I only stayed with them for a week, and my days were spent working outside of the house. Still, I really fell in love with the family there, with the Ixil tongue, with boxbole food and even with their 50 people+ prayer sessions held for the community.

This week, we spent the mornings going over product information, updates from the field and reflections on our personal team projects. My group (Team Impacto) is working on an analysis of diabetes. We have been surveying individuals to assess the knowledge of diabetes in Guatemala, as well as to determine the feasibility of offering home testing kits. Based on our results, we’re going to discuss how best to distribute information and products to people in rural communities. So far, we found that most people know generally what diabetes is but lack specifics. They’re also interested in knowing more and in having a means to check their blood sugar.

In the afternoons, we had Spanish classes. During my final class yesterday, my teacher and I walked to the market, ate ice cream and chatted about everything from abortion to the World Cup. Although I’m not too soupt on studying every night, I hate to call this the end.

I can’t believe I only have three more weeks—everything’s going by so quickly. I’ve got to make them count! Some of us are staying in a hotel in Antigua through Sunday, and then I’m off to Solola Monday and then Xela…can’t wait. =)



  1. ‘Really enjoy and appreciate your entries. Many would not tolerate what you’re doing, but your good heart makes it an enriching experience. I’m sure your host families will miss you.

  2. Sanette – Absolutely enjoying your blog! Your writing takes me away to another place. A lifetime of memories for you in just a few short weeks.

  3. I’m so jealous that you’re getting to travel all over Guate! We drove near a bunch of places, but never stopped. My friend who lives near Xela was telling me about all the places I should go if I ever get the chance. Sounds like you’re having a good trip… Enjoy the last two weeks!

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