Posted by: Sanette | July 3, 2010

dinner guests.

(Background: Our site leaders Alli and Izzy ate with us at a really nice Uruguayan restaurant in Pana Friday night. All the restaurants on this strip are only closed in on three sides. The tables nearly spill out onto the street, making it very easy to see/hear/experience everything that goes on outside.)

Oh, how I will miss Guatemala in two weeks. Let me count the ways…

  1. Street vendors. Because one of the guys on my team (cough, Sid) is incapable of saying a firm “no,” we attracted a crowd of at least 10 different vendors of all ages swarming the table, laying out products and calling, “Buen precio! Buen precio!” every 30 seconds.
  2. Dogs. They’re everywhere in Guatemala—even under our table. Komal had her leg licked up and down, and I resorted to sitting cross-legged.
  3. Little explosions here and there. It sounded like a dozen fireworks going off next door. After we saw fire above our heads, we realized it was the street lights igniting.
  4. Love texts. Guatemalans are pros, and my host brother from Nebaj is no exception. My friend once received one that listed all the letters of the alphabet sans TQM (“te quiero mucho). And I got one that read: “If I gave you a mirror, you would be more beautiful than your reflection.” Anyhow…Guatemalans definitely don’t shy away from public displays of affection, in all forms.
  5. Sarita. Best ice cream place. I got a banana split with chocolate, cheesecake and oreo ice cream for under $2.00.

American dinners will be so dull in comparison.


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